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The Impact of Giving Monthly

Your monthly gift enables U2FP to better advocate for curative interventions with and for the SCI Community. U2FP is empowering the SCI Community to change the research landscape and better align the scientific community's priorities with our priorities!

  • Increase the success of our Cure Advocacy Network (CAN). U2FP's CAN activists have added $18.8M in legislative funding in the last 5 years, most recently the $3M earmark for Spinal Cord Injury Research in Ohio's higher education budget. We've introduced a $10M SCI Research bill in Wisconsin with Rep. Jimmy Anderson (who has an SCI) as the bill's author. And we're now actively pursuing bills in Texas and Colorado! At this point there's no doubt your monthly commitment helps get us that much closer!
  • Make our annual Working 2 Walk Symposium more inclusive, dynamic and affordable for the SCI Community - while continuing to recruit top tier scientists as well as rising stars in the research and advocacy communities.
  • Grow our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), led by SAB Director Sam Maddox, which helps small & medium-sized foundations vet their research proposals so that they can direct their dollars to research that is Relevant to Chronic Injury, Replicable, Translatable and Innovative.
  • Add more voices - like Kelsey Peterson, who reflects on the emotional tolls and perspectives specific to a life with paralysis; or Alina Garbuzov, a postdoctoral student in Mark Tuszynski's Lab at UCSD who writes on how the SCI Community can catch up and keep up on the science that most affects us.
  • Deepen our podcast - U2FP's CureCast - where hosts Jason Stoffer and Matthew Rodreick provide educational and insightful interviews with the leading scientists and advocates in the SCI Community.

Your monthly gift helps accelerate the speed and impact of our initiatives. It's another great way to communicate that you are standing with the SCI Community.

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NOTE: Please only click the 'SUBMIT' button once. Your payment may take time to process.
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