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The Impact of Giving Monthly (form below)

 Your monthly gift helps accelerate the speed and impact of our work, including:

  • Continued growth of our Cure Advocacy Network (CAN), which has already added over $34M in legislative funding in the last eight years, resulting in over 200 persons with a spinal cord injury having received meaningful interventions so far. 
  • Deepen and expand our Lab Rats initiative, where we place SCI individuals as consultants into SCI Research labs. Five of our consultants were published in the journal Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience.
  • Grow our capacity to seize critical opportunities for collaboration, like the Stim/Peptide Pig Study we spearheaded and organized, bringing together three research institutions, a biotech, and five SCI foundations to fund this potentially groundbreaking combination therapy.


"Anybody can say things need to improve but Unite 2 Fight Paralysis is actively coming up with solutions and accomplishing what you set out to do!  U2FP is leading by example and making a huge difference!”




Nathan Torgerson

Senior Distinguished Systems Engineer

Bakken Fellow

Technical Fellow

Neuromodulation at Medtronic


Your monthly donation is a great way to communicate that you are standing with the SCI Community.

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NOTE: Please only click the 'SUBMIT' button once. Your payment may take time to process.
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