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Your year-end gift and/or monthly donation will give U2FP the leverage to continue expanding our successful work this year, including the following important milestones:

  • Lab Rats launches placing 14 SCI individuals as consultants into 7 SCI Research labs. Five of our consultants were just published in the journal Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience (07 September 2022).
  • Chronic Pig Study gets greenlight after 1.5 years of work facilitating collaboration and fundraising of this potentially groundbreaking combination therapy.
  • U2FP's Cure Advocacy Network is now responsible for over $25M in state legislative funding, which has resulted in meaningful interventions to restore function in over 75 persons with a spinal cord injury.
  • U2FP's Annual Symposium hosted 234 people at this year’s hybrid meeting in Salt Lake City, along with many more from the region who joined us for our Adaptive Sports & Recreation Expo.

"With U2FP I feel at home, both as a scientist and as the son of someone with an injury. I think that speaks to the power of the organization to unify the different stakeholders and keep us pointed in the right direction."



Murray Blackmore, PhD
Marquette University
Neuroscientist & Family of SCI Individual
Member, U2FP’s Translational Workgroup

Please support our work with a year-end and/or monthly donation. Our initiatives can only go as far as our resources allow, and those resources come from you.  Join us!


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