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City: Oakland, CA

Profession: Healthcare

Fundraising Goal: $2500

Race Goal: Sub 5 hrs


In a few sentences, describe your connection to U2FP, why you chose to run in support of U2FP, and whether you have a personal connection to spinal cord injury and paralysis: I'm pushing for Team U2FP because the world needs an intervention to restore function for people with paralysis. U2FP has proven that it is the best organization to make that happen. I have a C-5 spinal cord injury, and it sucks. I know a lot of people who are paralyzed, and it makes their lives, and sometimes the lives of those around them, a lot more damn difficult. People with paralysis are able to do quite a bit, but GD, individual lives and society as a whole would be so much better if we could restore function. And U2FP is the best organization to make that a reality. So, I want to do everything I can to support them and thus, the delivery of an intervention to restore function.


Is this your first marathon/race? If not, what others have you completed? No, this will be my third Chicago Marathon. All 3 pushing for U2FP. I also pushed a half in Vegas. On the strip. At night. It was awesome.


What do you crave after a long race? Air Conditioning and jelly-filled glazed donut holes.


Do you listen to anything when you train or race? If yes, what? Maybe 50% of the time. If I do it is certainly mid-quality Sci Fi audiobooks


What are you most excited and/or nervous about for the marathon? I am most excited about the first 15 minutes of the race. Because I am so much slower than the professional wheelers I am immediately left behind, but I start earlier than the able bodies. So there is a short window during which I am slowly pushing down an empty Michigan Avenue. It is quite bizarre, and I don’t think anybody notices me, but it is exhilarating to be all alone in a sleeveless hoodie with the crowd’s energy buzzing about. I am nervous that I will have to go to the bathroom too frequently. That really makes things difficult.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I love exploring new cities by bike or scooter, learning about the nearly incomprehensible scale of the universe, and enjoying a quality tequila before going to the movies.

Anything else you’d like to share? I am deeply grateful to my family and friends for all they have done, and continue to do, to support me and the SCI community. Without their time and efforts I would not be living the full life I am today. It is my mission to pay their compassion forward. Thanks to you all ?.

ABOUT 2022 Bank of America Chicago Marathon: Team U2FP

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis is proud to once again be a charity partner for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2022! Help support U2FP’s initiatives to accelerate curative treatments for those living with Spinal Cord Injuries. Team U2FP members have raised nearly $200,000 in the past few years. Thank you for your support to advance research towards a cure for spinal cord injury!

Name Date Amount Comments
John Bowman 10/08/2022 $102.98 Have a great Race!
William Drimel 10/07/2022 $102.98 Go get 'em Thomas! We'll be cheering you on from home. Please stop and pose for the TV cameras two minutes into the race like you did last year.
Zach Norris 10/05/2022 $154.31 You better win this
Tom Grubin 10/05/2022 $102.98  
Alex March 10/05/2022 $102.98  
Michael Arnold 10/05/2022 $102.98 Go get ‘em Sweet T!
Steve Stone 10/05/2022 $102.98  
Marci and Joel Gerston 10/02/2022 $102.98 We're rooting for you from afar, but have no doubt you can do this!
Jennifer Vandermeuse 10/01/2022 $51.64 You got this, Cousin!
Paul Ekstrom 09/25/2022 $102.98  
Kim Martiniello 09/20/2022 $51.64 You are a true inspiration, Thomas! We are all cheering you on!
Phyllis Matsuura 09/16/2022 $205.65  
Britt Buntman 09/14/2022 $102.98 Go Thomas Go!!!
James Cloyd 09/11/2022 $256.98 To our son, whose indomitable spirit and determination has enabled him to overcome so many challenges.
Nicki Nieman 09/09/2022 $51.64 Go get 'em Thomas!! Good luck at the marathon!
Victoria Watts 08/31/2022 $102.98 Go Thomas! You are truly an amazing!
Mike Alexander 08/29/2022 $102.98 Boom!! This is awesome bro - best of luck in the race!
Siobhan Kelly 08/29/2022 $51.64 Go get 'em, Thomas! We'll all be cheering you on!
Rebecca Lo 08/26/2022 $51.64 Way to go, Thomas!!!
Julie Bass 08/26/2022 $102.98 Any way at least some of this can go toward post-race jelly-filled glazed donut holes?
Socheata Poeuv 08/26/2022 $104.05 Go get 'em, Thomas!
Emily Carbonara 08/26/2022 $51.64 You're amazing!!!
Monira Mohamed 08/26/2022 $41.38 You got this!!!
Lindsay LiVolsi 08/26/2022 $51.64 Go Thomas Go! Your PA Team is cheering for you!
Rachel Sam 08/26/2022 $31.11  
Michelle Percia 08/26/2022 $26.00 This is amazing, Thomas!
Dan Kovach 08/26/2022 $51.64 Good Luck Thomas!
Tom Scales 08/26/2022 $102.98  
Andrew Bennett 08/25/2022 $51.64 Goodluck Thomas, go for it!
Billie Pritzker 08/23/2022 $154.31  
  Total $2,777.29